Rock Breaking and Augering

Rock Breaking

We have a range of equipment suitable for rock breaking and augering depending on your location, the site access and the scale of the work required. For rock breaking, it will also depend on the type and extent of the rock that needs removing.

Rock Excavation and augering

Rock Breaking


For augering, we have machinery to make it easy for post hole drilling and to prepare for pile foundations.

We are able to complete any or all of these tasks for you:

  • Site Evaluation
  • Quoting
  • Rock Breaking
  • Liaising with Sub-contractors
  • Project Management
  • Post Hole Drilling
  • Preparation for Pile Foundations
  • Site Clearance
  • Earth Removal
  • Rock Removal

Tell us what rock breaking or augering you require and we’ll evaluate and provide a proposal. Call 03 377 5435 or email us now for a quote.